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New BoT Leadership Team

Pamela Holmes

Pamela Holmes

Ms. Pamela Holmes is the Director of Consumer & Regulatory Affairs for Ultratec, Inc. A 19-year employee of Ultratec, Ms. Holmes currently oversees the Customer Service department serving 40 states for the product Captioned Telephone (CapTel), a new telephone technology created by Ultratec that allows people to receive word-for-word captions of their telephone conversations. In addition, Ms. Holmes oversees state and federal government regulatory activity related to communication access issues, submits public comments to government entities, drafts articles and presentations, oversees training and serves as corporate liaison to federal government and community contacts.

Ms. Holmes served for nearly eight years on the U.S. Architectural and Transportation Barriers Compliance Board [U.S. Access Board] appointed by President Clinton.  She served her last year on the U.S. Access Board as Chair of the Board (March 2001-March 2002). She has also served on numerous boards at the state and national levels.

Ms. Holmes has a Bachelors Degree in English from Gallaudet [‘74], and a Masters of Science Degree in Deaf Education from the University of Tennessee-Knoxville [‘76]. Prior to joining Ultratec in 1987, Ms. Holmes taught middle and high school students for 11 years in Georgia at the Atlanta Area School for the Deaf, and for the public schools in Madison, Wisconsin.

Frank Wu

Frank Wu

In 2004, Frank H. Wu became the ninth Dean of Wayne State University Law School in his hometown of Detroit. From 1995-2004 he served on the law faculty of Howard University, including two years as Clinic Director.

Mr. Wu is the author of Yellow: Race in American Beyond Black and White, and co-author of Race, Rights and Reparation: Law and the Japanese American Internment.

Mr. Wu taught at Deep Springs College, a highly-selective full-scholarship, all-male school set on a student-run cattle ranch near Death Valley. He was appointed by the D.C. Court of Appeals to its Board of Professional Responsibility, which adjudicates attorney discipline matters. Mr. Wu was also appointed by Mayor Anthony Williams as Chair of the Washington, D.C. Human Rights Commission for 2001-2002, and was named by Black Issues in Higher Education [now called Diverse Issues in Higher Education] as one of the nation’s top twenty scholars.

After obtaining a Bachelors Degree from Johns Hopkins University, Mr. Wu earned a J.D. from the University of Michigan. He then held a clerkship with the late U.S. District Judge Frank J. Battisti in Cleveland, later joining the San Francisco law firm of Morrison & Foerster.

Since his appointment to the Board in 2000, Mr. Wu has taken various sign language courses including some at Gallaudet. He currently studies with a private ASL tutor in Michigan.


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Proof BoT Seriously Misinformed

Read the bold print of this report.

Our first issue and suggestion on the agenda was Reprisals. We asked for amnesty of all reprisals involved in the protest. We explained how lack of neutral mediation and lack of attention to the students’ requests from the BOT and Administration caused the protest to occur. We stated that this protest was not supported by one group alone and that faculty, staff, students, parents, alumni, deaf leaders, and the Deaf Community came to support and back the students demands. The actions that occurred were within the framework of a peaceful protest and had begun because of the total lack of response from the BOT and Administration.

One of the BOT members interrupted and said to Wilton and Tami that the students who were arrested and those that used force against DPS were to be held accountable. We said “no” – our students never used force against the DPS and that the opposite was true. I told the Board members that I was there for three weeks and saw the acts that took place and was witness to the things that IKJ did against the protesters. We talked about the bulldozing of tents and opening of gates incidents and what we saw first hand. We stated if the BOT must hold someone “Accountable” then it should be everyone involved including the BOT, Administration, Students, Staff, Alumni, Parents, World Leaders, and the thousands that marched to Capitol Hill.

We asked that the Judicial Affairs be put on hold until an impartial committee investigates the mandates by Administration and policies and procedures. We also explained that reprisals have already occurred without mediation, without investigation, and without due process. We gave examples of student and faculty job losses and internship suspensions for those students arrested. Students are being told at Pre-hearings these possible disciplinary actions may include suspension from sports activity.

Many on the Board had no idea of these disciplinary actions. They thought the consequences would be minimal because the arrests were considered a misdemeanor. Wilton explained our meetings with Hillel Goldberg, Carl Pramuk, and Michael Moore and that we also were told that the consequences would be minimal but now that the students are going to their pre-trial, and we are getting a different story. Saturday Breakfast Meeting with Members of BOT:…

Commentary: Guess who had been filling the BoT with misinformation? Perhaps this breakfast meeting will alert the BoT members that someone they trusted wasn’t forthcoming and honest with them. Hopefully this new awareness will make the members more receptive to meeting the stakeholders of Gallaudet University and making changes to eliminate the anarchic gateway system keeping them oblivious to the turmoil building up in the university for years. Kudos to Tami and Wilton for doing a great job. elizabeth email contact: mishkazena@aol.com 

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Davila Nominated By Merv Garretson

In an e mail to Pam Holmes:

Greetings, Pam,

Bob Davila, I believe, meets  the requirements for the position of Gallaudet’s interim president, and probably even transcends them all!

As a graduate of the California School for the Deaf, Bob very early became fluent in ASL and deaf culture, as well as developing an excellent command of English.  So he’s tri-lingual — ASL, English, and Spanish.

BA, Gallaudet,  MA, Hunter College, Ph.D. Syracuse University

Vice President for Pre-College Programs, Gallaudet

Vice President for NTID, Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT)

Superintendent, New York School for the Deaf (Fanwood)

Assistant Secretary, US Department of Education, responsible for all disability programs in the United States, with a budget of $400,000,000 — and an extended staff of thousands of professionals in the field

Bob has held high positions in various professional organizations serving the deaf, including the CAID and CESAD, has been active in the NAD, CISS, and other groups

A successful administrator, personable, experienced and knowledgeable about higher education, Congressional contacts, public relations

Already retired, so should be readily available — does not have to ask for a leave of absence or anything.  Resides in an outreach from Frederick, Maryland, in New Market,  married, two grown sons.

Bob is my nominee and has my support.

Merv Garretson,  special assistant to presidents of Gallaudet for nearly 12 years,

emeritus member of the Gallaudet Board of Trustees

Reprinted with permission by Merv Garretson

emali contact: mishkazena@aol.com

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ASL and the Question of Existing

American Sign Language and the Question of Existing

For a while now I have been feeling this creeping sense of foreboding
that carries on its fringes a tickling sense of fear. Some of the
perceptions that have presented themselves in blogs, discussion forums,
and newspapers over the last six months scare me on a deep level,
although I probably shouldn’t be surprised.

Perhaps I have falsely allowed myself the illusion that the world we
live in is a progressive one in terms of social justice—and that as we
advance as a society, as we evolve—we come to find the horizons of our
mind broadened to encompass new and acceptable ways of experiencing the

I am finding, however, that such is not true. And it is like having
someone’s bare hand reach into your stomach, through the flesh and
grabbing raw, bloody intestines to squeeze and twist until you are left
hunched over in pain. And then someone tries to tell you that there is
no hand. That the pain you feel is just a figment of your unrealistic
expectations and desperate attempt to crawl further into the cocoon that
is Deafness in attempt to hide away from “the hearing world.”

I have asked before, and I will ask again: Where is this “hearing

After all, there’s only one world and we all live in it. No one has
ownership. No one has authority on “the way” that we should exist.
Should the majority of people in the world be men, would we tell women
that they must learn to prepare to live in “the men’s world”? What
kind of message do we send to children when we tell them this?

That no matter how high they rise, they will never hold the world in the
palm of their hands simply because they don’t have the right
“equipment” to do so. Just by that one statement, we inform children
who don’t hear that they don’t have the right to exist as a deaf
person and they are therefore a failed, flawed product.

And what part of their soul do we kill? What part do we render helpless?
Which part do we inject with that dose of oppression that becomes
internalized in a way that cripples them for life?

I am not so blinded by denial that I do not see that in America, English
is the primary language. I am also not so naïve that I don’t recognize
that our country is dominated by speech, by all things based in sound.

I’m questioning why people don’t allow for more than that. For the
visual-tactile way that will only serve to enrich our lives.

People seem to believe that in immersing ourselves in the
visual-tactile, we are deliberately segregating ourselves from
“them.” You know, the hearing, speaking, population that does not
sign. I don’t believe this to be true. You see, I believe in
possibilities—in the human capacity for opening up and inheriting so
many different experiences.

And when someone chooses not to allow me to be involved because I
don’t speak—I don’t see that as a flaw on my part. I don’t see
that as something I did wrong, something I’m lacking. I don’t see
that rejection as justified, expected. I see that as a direct act of
oppression that enrages me in its ignorant arrogance.

But I am slowly learning to be compassionate enough to see past that act
of oppression and wonder about the mind, the emotions inside of that
person. I am coming to find that I feel a deep sense of sadness that he
or she isn’t able to reach outside of him or herself—to reach beyond
that ethnocentric comfort zone so that s/he may feel just a little bit
more alive.

It’s odd—so many people have written lately that “deaf people are
afraid of change.” Perhaps I’m deluded here, but I see the opposite.
I see a community hungry for change, in fact—starving for it to the
point where we are almost feral in our pursuit of that which we believe
will fulfill us. We have tried—for years—what we are being asked to
do now.

We have tried a form of inclusion that—in my opinion—excludes. We
are being asked to – for the sake of inclusivity—learn to speak and
try to hear. We are being asked to put aside American Sign Language and
allow different modes of communication to dominate. We are, in essence,
being asked not to be deaf.

When did deafness become such a dirty word? It has, somehow. No matter
how hard we try to explain the word (you know, the whole little “d,”
big “D”)—the general community has a very specific frame of what
that word means.

And then we get stuck in the boxed-ear, in a room where we drive each
other nuts with definitions of what “it really means to be deaf.”
The truth is, you can’t define a way of being deaf, because doing so
is no different than trying to tell deaf children that they have to
learn to live in the hearing world. It’s a predetermined opinion: this
is the right way! And for whom?

At the end of the day, there isn’t a right way to live. There’s
simply the right to exist in the way that feels most comfortable and the
responsibility to accept each other wherever we are in our journey
through life.

I do not believe I am a stranger in this country, a foreigner that must
learn to accommodate that world which does not belong to me. I do not
believe that choosing to sign as opposed to speaking makes me less
intelligent, less qualified. I do not believe that because the world
happens to be one where the majority of people hear and therefore design
most things to accommodate sound, I am disabled.

I do believe that American Sign Language is a language that is beautiful
and wholesome. I do believe that it can be successfully used to educate
children—whether deaf or hearing. I do believe that it can also be
used to teach English—and that there is romance in this language, too.
I believe that teaching in American Sign Language – because it is
visually and tactually accessible by those who are given the chance to
learn the language—is the most inclusive form of instruction. I want a
place – just one place that gives this belief a chance. And in this
place, I want people who believe in the same thing.

Maybe Gallaudet will never be that place. I don’t deny that people who
choose not to use American Sign Language – whether deaf or
hearing—have just as much right to their beliefs as I do. I just
wonder—when those two beliefs come so in conflict, how do we co-exist?
How do we co-instruct?

Is it wrong to want to allow for both ways – but in different places
so that different groups are allowed to fully immerse in their ways of
existing and visit each other as opposed to struggling to exist and grow
in a place that doesn’t completely “fit” and once in a while visit
that land where things are finally—finally warm, accessible, and
welcoming, just like home?

I guess the question I ask is: What is Gallaudet? Is it a place where we
all go simply because we’re deaf and among others who are deaf? What
then, of “hearing people?” Or is it a place where we go because many
people sign, although not all of them and not in the same way? What
then, of educating and communicating? Is it a University like any other,
a place that just happens to have an extraordinarily large number of
signers? What then, of our low enrollment rates? Is it a place where
everyone, deaf and hearing alike, communicates in American Sign Language
and strives to develop a visu-centric model in various fields—carving
a path of our own that is the mark of the eye in the world? What then,
of those who don’t want this?

I don’t have the answers. All I have is this dream, this desire—and
a passion to fight for its chance to erupt in the world.Alison Aubrecht

Reprinted with permission by the listserv moderator

email contact: mishkazena@aol.com

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Dousing Myths Ignited by Ouster of Fernandes

The Rochester Democrat and Chronicle

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

By Karen Christie, Patti Durr and Barbara DiGiovanni

Dousing myths ignited by ouster of Gallaudet president-to-be

As members of the Rochester deaf community, we wish to clarify issues surrounding the “Unity for Gallaudet” protest that resulted in the termination of Jane Fernandes as the school’s president-to-be.

Media have perpetuated the erroneous idea that the protest related to Fernandes not being “deaf enough.” In response, Fernandes branded the protesters anarchists and terrorists. Such terms have been alarmist and distract from a complex set of objections to the way the administration has managed Gallaudet and the unfairness of the search that resulted in Fernandes being chosen.

  • Fact: Six years ago, Fernandes was named Gallaudet provost without any search process or faculty input. In the latest poll, most faculty proclaimed no confidence in Fernandes, Gallaudet’s current president, I. King Jordan, or the trustees. (Note: the majority of the faculty are hearing.)
  • Fact: The search committee failed to include a highly qualified African-American deaf person in the finalist pool.
  • Fact: The protesters demanded that Fernandes resign and the search process be reopened. They did not demand appointment of one of the other two finalists, both of whom are deaf, use American Sign Language fluently, have deaf family members and are members of deaf culture.
  • Myth: “Deaf culture” is a misnomer.

    Jack Slutzky, who retired after teaching at the National Technical Institute for the Deaf at the Rochester Institute of Technology, called ASL a street language that has no place in the classroom (Speaking Out essay, Feb. 4, 1997). He recently denied the existence of deaf culture (Speaking Out essay, Nov. 3) based on a dictionary definition of culture. In anthropology, culture is defined as a way of life for a group of people who share traditions, language, values, behaviors and artifacts. Many scholarly books and articles have been published on deaf culture. Any questioning of the definition, existence, validity or rights of deaf culture is detrimental fallout from the Gallaudet protest.

  • Myth: Advocates for deaf culture and ASL want to establish an exclusive community. Ousted president-designate Fernandes’ comments relating to the trepidations of deaf people concerning cochlear implants have reinforced the myth that deaf people reject people with cochlear implants.In truth, becoming a member of deaf culture does not require shutting out the hearing world but instead it requires becoming involved with two languages, ASL and English, and two cultures, deaf and hearing.

    The either-or stance is ironic because it was the classic approach taken by oral-only educational programs for deaf children which forbade the use of sign language, denied the existence of deaf culture and encouraged students to reject peers who signed. Focusing on oral skill development was done at the expense of the educational development of many children.

    In contrast, deaf culture has always been inclusive and a bilingual education has always embraced the use of ASL instruction (as it is the most accessible and natural language for deaf people) with an equal emphasis on the importance of English.

  • Myth: Gallaudet’s recent “ineffective” rating by the government is a result of ASL/deaf culture militancy on campus.

    The U.S. Office of Management and Budget noted: “Gallaudet graduates who find employment commensurate with their education declined from 90 percent in 2001 to 69 percent in 2005.” This decline occurred during Fernandes’ tenure as Gallaudet provost. Somehow, Mr. Slutzky attributes this to rampant use of ASL whereas most Gallaudet professors use spoken English and simultaneous signing.We thank Mr. Slutzky in advance for refraining from proclaiming himself spokesperson for the rights of deaf people. We clearly can do so ourselves.

    Christie and Durr teach at NTID; DiGiovanni teaches at the Rochester School for the Deaf and is the mother of deaf children. This essay also was signed by 25 other members of the local deaf community. E-mail Christie at klcnce@rit.edu.

  • http://www.democratandchronicle.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20061114/OPINION02/611140332/1039/OPINION

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    They Did It Again: Resonare

    I’m already a fan of both Chad Tayler and Wayne Betts Jr,  so I was pleased to be asked to review their newest film, Resonare.

    Due to technical difficulties, I wasn’t able to see the movie until last night.  The wait was worth it. I wasn’t disappointed as I continued to be amazed at the depth of the visual aspects of this film. Similar to some of their previous movies, this was also abstract with nary a word or sign expressed.

    I’ve watched it twice last night and again this morning. The film producers have instructed me to make no spoilers, so I won’t. Seriously, I really couldn’t make any spoilers because the film is so abstract that no clear cut definition could explain the movie. It is really up to us, the viewers, to interpret the movie and there may be 1,000 different ways to interpret it. This film is really a piece of art, in fact. You could say it is also a modern version of the Rorschach Test

    This film brings you right into the scene, instead watching from a distance. I look forward to seeing more of their work.


    From my husband, Dave, who watched the movie with me:

    Chad Tayler and Wayne Betts Jr have produced a film called Resonare, an enigmatic 11-minute puzzler about the lure of forbidden fruit. The novice filmmakers show mastery of their craft, and we can look to further development of their talents

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    Illegal Pyramid Scheme Targeted At MD Deaf People

    Since the end of October, the state has received 15 inquiries regarding a pyramid scheme targeted at deaf people. A Canadian company is soliciting residents to sell diamonds, says Kevin Enright, a spokesman for the Maryland attorney general’s office.

    Pyramid schemes — mock businesses that earn money primarily from recruiting members and charging them fees rather than by selling products or services — are illegal in Maryland.

    “Many people promote pyramid schemes out of ignorance and do not realize they are engaging in illegal and harmful behavior,” Attorney General J. Joseph Curran says in a news release.

    Some pyramid schemes offer a product or service to disguise their true nature. The product or service may be overpriced or have a questionable value, like exotic vitamins, health tonics and gemstones of uncertain origins, a state news release says.

    The state released a new investor-education brochure with tips to identifying pyramid schemes that make be masked under the name multilevel marketing plans.

    The brochure is available at www.oag.state.md.us.

    Washington Business Journal – 2:29 PM EST Monday


    A follow up, 11/15/06:

    I’ve received five claims in my comment section. I’m not printing them now as I am unable to verify the legitimacy of this CDT organizaiton. So I have forwarded these claims to the appropriate state agency (securities@oag.state.md.us). When I receive a response from the state, I will follow up on these claims.  Until then, I will not print any claims on the legitimacy of this company. Elizabeth

    11/16/06:  Since the follow up yesterday, I received three more claims that this CDT company is credible and I’m getting really annoyed. What part of the message yesterday did you not get: I will not publish any claims on the legitimacy of this company until I hear directly from the Maryland State Division??!!

    For concerned readers, you may want to read this from the state agency: http://www.oag.state.md.us/Securities/PyramidBrochure.pdf .

    If you have specific questions, please contact the same organization securities@oag.state.md.us.  elizabeth

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    BoT Violates Its Bylaws?

     A tidbit you may not be aware of.

    According to many sources, Jordan apparently cultivates the BoT members who resonate with his views. There are few BoT members who have had their memberships extended, breaking its own bylaws.

    Section 2.2.2  Voting Trustees — Non-Public Members.  The other eighteen Voting Trustees (”Non-Public Members”) shall be elected by the Board of Trustees. The Non-Public Members shall serve terms of three years, shall be eligible for re-election, and shall serve until their successors are elected and qualified; however; Non-Public Members first elected after January 1, 1987, shall not serve for more than twelve consecutive years, provided, however, that Non-Public Members first elected after January 1, 1987, but before October 30, 1995 shall be eligible for reelection for additional terms (or partial terms) ending before October 30, 2007.

    Levinson and Graham are alleged to have stayed beyond 12 years. How many other BoTs were given the same privilege?

    I’ve heard allegations that the BoT members who were more vocal and whose sentiments weren’t similar to Jordan’s were not re-elected.

    If these allegations are true, this explains why Jordan repeatedly asserted that he represented BoT last May and a few months afterwards.

    We need a BoT who has its finger on the pulse of Gallaudet University and is mindful of its responsibility for the welfare of an university over its friendship with the university president.

    email contact: mishkazena@aol.com

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    Reasons FCC Needs to Hear Us

    On November 7, the FCC has recently released a 37 page list of  nearly 600 companies seeking exceptions to the FCC mandated closed captioning. It is very unfortunate that even though these requests date back to 2005, they gave the American public just three weeks to review the applications and object. Thanks to the quick action of Jamie Berke who labored most of the last weekend to organize all these companies into different states and design an easy to use format for Americans to file a letter of objection to FCC, we all can do our civic duty, using a draft letter slightly modified from the one used by NAD.

    Not only deaf and hard of hearing people, approximately 10% of the population, but 30 million Americans benefit from closed captioning. Included in that group are elderly people with declining hearing due to age and people experiencing hearing loss by exposure to excessively loud noises. What many people don’t realize is that closed captioning also helps people whose first language isn’t English, such as immigrant population that has expanded so much in the last decade.  Many school-aged kids read the closed captioning along with their TV programs to improve their English literacy. Also many people who are struggling to master literacy, such as those with various learning disabilities and illiterate Americans, utilize closed captioning, too.

    So when these companies seek to be excused from the requirement to close-captioning their programs, they shut out a significant portion of Americans, not just the deaf and hard of hearing. Many of these companies are not religious: they include state supported universities and colleges, public schools, commercial businesses, informercials, among others. They claim it’s too costly, but if one examines closely, their cries of poverty aren’t sustained. The universities, colleges, and public schools are mandated by federal laws to make their programs accessible to the deaf and hard of hearing. Commercial business makes profit and so do infomericals.

    Here is the draft letter. You can select those programs in your area, with a personal comment why you feel they shouldn’t be waived from closed captioning. It is felt that personal comments have more impact than just a blanket impersonal letter. The other option is to cover all these programs, using copy/paste, to include in the letter. Here is the link to Object to Captioning Exemption Petition: http://www.captions.org/fcc_list.cfm

    For those who wants to do it the easy way, here is the form:

    To: Kevin.Martin@fcc.gov

    CC: Michael.Copps@fcc.gov, Jonathan.Adelstein@fcc.gov, Deborah.Tate@fcc.gov,
    Robert.McDowell@fcc.gov,Monica.Desai@fcc.gov,   crawford@nad.org.

    I am filing my objections to petitions for television programming to be shown without closed captions. I am writing to object to the following petitions that were filed with the Federal Communications Commission: AK – Anchorage – Alaska On-Line
    AK – Anchorage – IMIG Media
    AK – Anchorage – The Marketing Group Alaska
    AK – Soldotna – Exploring Alaska
    AL – Athens – Alabama Realty Group
    AL – Auburn – True Deliverance Holiness Church
    AL – Birmingham – Alabama Media Arts Association Inc.
    AL – Birmingham – Dawson Memorial Baptist Church (CGB-CC-0144)
    AL – Birmingham – Jam Dance Fitness
    AL – Birmingham – Power of Deliverance T.V. Ministries
    AL – Birmingham – The Whaley Company LLC
    AL – Chickasaw – Power in the Word Outreach Ministries
    AL – Decatur – Central Baptist Church
    AL – Decatur – Tony Moore Automotive
    AL – Dothan – First Assembly of God
    AL – Dothan – Hartford Highway Church of Christ
    AL – Fairfield – Wrestle Inc.
    AL – Florence – Christ Chapel Inc.
    AL – Florence – Heritage Christian University
    AL – Huntsville – A&S Media LLC
    AL – Huntsville – Bill Heard Chevrolet
    AL – Huntsville – HuntFishCook
    AL – Huntsville – Mayfair Church of Christ
    AL – Huntsville – Rise Real Estate
    AL – Huntsville – Rocky Drake Outdoors
    AL – Huntsville – RP Media
    AL – Huntsville – Whitesburg Baptist Church
    AL – Jasper – Combs Broadcasting Inc.
    AL – Jasper – Dilworth Church of Christ
    AL – Lillian – Crawley Productions
    AL – Madison – Harvest Moon Productions Inc.
    AL – Madison – Outdoor Xcursions
    AL – Millbrook – Central Alabama Outdoors
    AL – Mobile – Doug Houston & Associates
    AL – Mobile – Jason’s Health & Fitness
    AL – Montgomery – First Baptist Church
    AL – Montgomery – First United Methodist Church
    AL – Montgomery – Frazer Memorial Methodist Church
    AL – Montgomery – Mount Zion AME Zion Church
    AL – Montgomery – Taylor Road Baptist Church
    AL – Montgomery – The Alabama Conservation and Natural Resource Foundation
    AL – Opelika – Apostolic Fellowship Holiness Church
    AL – Opelika – Auburn – Opelika Today
    AL – Opelika – God’s House of Prayer
    AL – Phenix City – Lovelife Ministries
    AL – Saraland – First Baptist North Mobile
    AL – Selma – Ellwood Community Church
    AL – Tuscaloosa – Backstage with Greg Crowe
    AL – Valley – Major Marketing
    AL – Waverly – Dead Serious Entertainment
    AR – Benton – Discover The Joy Inc.
    AR – El Dorado – Robby Mitchell Ministries
    AR – Forth Smith – First Baptist Church of Fort Smith Arkansas
    AR – Hoxie – Dickey Tree Service
    AR – Jacksonville – Evangelistic Ministries
    AR – Jonesboro – First Assembly of God
    AR – Jonesboro – First Baptist Church
    AR – Jonesboro – LibCo Inc.
    AR – Jonesboro – Nettleton Church of Christ
    AR – Jonesboro – St. Bernards Medical Center
    AR – Lavaca – First Baptist Lavaca (CGB-CC-0039)
    AR – Little Rock – Bob Robbins Outdoors
    AR – Little Rock – Broadway Joe Video Show (Joe & Freddie Booker)
    AR – Little Rock – Church of Christ on Lewis Street
    AR – Little Rock – Geyer Springs First Baptist Church
    AR – Little Rock – Greater Fellowship Ministries
    AR – Little Rock – Hooten Publishing Inc.
    AR – Little Rock – St. Mark Baptist Church
    AR – Little Rock – Tele Vision of Arkansas
    AR – North Little Rock – A Call to Excellence Ministries (CSR 6290)
    AR – North Little Rock – McAlmont Church of Christ
    AR – Rogers – First Baptist Rogers
    AR – Van Buren – Van Buren First Assembly of God
    AZ – Mesa – Living Word Bible Church (CSR 6315)
    AZ – Phoenix – All Faith Self Help Center Inc.
    AZ – Phoenix – Calvary Community Church of Phoenix Arizona
    AZ – Phoenix – Hunter Productions Inc.
    AZ – Phoenix – Video Zone
    AZ – Scottsdale – Maricopa Community Colleges Television
    AZ – Tonopah – Life Matters Inc. (CGB-CC-0098)
    AZ – Tucson – Quebedeaux Pontiac-GMC
    AZ – Tucson – Tucson Osteopathic Medical Foundation /
    AZ – Tucson – Victoria Morgan Practical Christian Living
    Broadway Baptist Church (CGB-CC-0182)
    CA – Altadena – Alma Vision Hispanic Network Inc.
    CA – Bakersfield – Arrow Group Realty Development Inc. d/b/a Coldwell Banker America West
    CA – Bakersfield – Crisp and Cole Productions
    CA – Bakersfield – Crown Realty
    CA – Bakersfield – Express Automotive Center Inc. d/b/a AutoShopper America
    CA – Bakersfield – Family Motors
    CA – Bakersfield – New Life Center Television (Bakersfield)
    CA – Bakersfield – Oddball Productions
    CA – Bakersfield – St. John Missionary Baptist Church
    CA – Bakersfield – Stay Focused Ministries
    CA – Bakersfield – The Garden Party Network
    CA – Beverly Hills – Edward Boye’
    CA – Beverly Hills – Stanley Siegel On The Go
    CA – Beverly Hills – Temple of the Air /
    CA – Covina – Upon This Rock Ministries /
    CA – Dublin – Capital One Productions /
    CA – Encinitas – Planet X Group Inc. /
    CA – Foothill Ranch – JCR Advertising & Production
    CA – Inglewood – Bible Enrichment Fellowship International Church
    CA – Lafayette – Greek TV Inc.
    CA – Los Angeles – Equestrian Sports Media International (Showjumping Unplugged)
    CA – Los Angeles – KJLA LLC
    CA – Los Angeles – KVMD
    CA – Los Angeles – KXLA
    CA – Los Angeles – ReelzChannel LLC /
    CA – Los Angeles – The Los Angeles Unified School District (CGB-CC-0269)
    CA – Los Angeles – Willette Duvall Ministries
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    CA – Norco – Caliber Automotive Liquidators Inc.
    CA – Oakland – Total Energy Productions
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    CA – Palm Desert – The Wellness Hour
    CA – Pasadena – Peter Dills
    CA – Poway – Mount Zion Fellowship /
    CA – Redding – Angler West Television
    CA – Redding – Channel of Love Ministries (CGB-CC-0526)
    CA – San Carlos – Peninsula TV
    CA – San Francisco – Distortion 2 Static
    CA – San Francisco – Pacific News Services
    CA – San Francisco – TCB Café Publishing & Media LLC
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    CA – San Jose – Annabelle Productions Inc. (CGB-CC-0003)
    CA – San Jose – Dr. Tab Smith
    CA – San Luis Obispo – TJA Advertising
    CA – Van Nuys – Alma Vision Hispanic Network Inc.
    CA – Walnut – The LuCa Group Inc.
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    CO – Colorado Springs – Sheryl Burns Ministries
    CT – Hartford – Jesse Rich Ministries
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    FL – Boca Raton – CrossTV
    FL – Boca Raton – MJS
    FL – Brandon – Born to Ride TV
    FL – Casselberry – The Tzemach Institute for Biblical Studies
    FL – Deerfield Beach – Christian Love Fellowship Ministries
    FL – Deerfield Beach – Platinum Television Group
    FL – Delray Beach – Mike Sherman Productions Inc. /
    FL – Ft. Myers – New Covenant Fellowship Ministries Inc. d/b/a Life Church
    FL – Graceville – Mt. Calvary Church of Christ Written in Heaven
    FL – Hallandale – On Stage (CSR 6547)
    FL – Hobe Sound – Oval Media
    FL – Holiday – New Beginning Ministries
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    FL – Jacksonville – Greater Refuge Temple
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    MA – Danvers – Optimum Impact Inc.
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    MD – Baltimore – Victory Ministries International
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    MD – Ocean City – On The Road TV
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    MD – Westover – United Church of the Lord Jesus Christ
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    TX – Lubbock – W Productions
    TX – Lufkin – First United Methodist Church -Lufkin
    TX – Lufkin – Harmony Hill Baptist Church (CGB-CC-0469)
    TX – Marshall – The Old Coach Inc. /
    TX – Nacogdoches – First Baptist Church of Nacogdoches Texas
    TX – Odessa – Odessa Christian Faith Center
    TX – Rockwall – MediaTrition Inc.
    TX – Rusk – First Church on the Hill /
    TX – San Antonio – Cat Paws Foundation
    TX – San Antonio – Christian Video Ministries Inc.
    TX – San Antonio – Clemens Weaver Advertising
    TX – San Antonio – Family Praise Center
    TX – San Antonio – The Justice Foundation
    TX – Sweetwater – Broadway Baptist Church (CGB-CC-0182)
    TX – Tyler – Family of Faith Christian Church
    TX – Tyler – First Baptist Church of Tyler Texas
    TX – Wichita Falls – First United Methodist Church
    TX – Wolfforth – Woods Communication Corporation
    UT – Salt Lake City – Calvary Chapel of Salt Lake City
    UT – Salt Lake City – Profiles in Caring
    UT – Salt Lake City – Talking Pictures Productions
    UT – Salt Lake City – Ultimate Combat Experience (CGB-CC-0037)
    VA – Arlington – Westside Church Media Ministry
    VA – Charlottesville – Transformation Ministries First Baptist Church
    VA – Chesapeake – Divine Deliverance Christian Center
    VA – Elkton – Upper Room Church
    VA – Portsmouth – New Testament Church
    VA – Richmond – Bon Air Baptist Church (CGB-CC-0119)
    VA – Richmond – Village of Faith Ministries
    VA – Vienna – Fellowship Baptist Church
    VA – Virginia Beach – Joy Ministries (CGB-CC-0044)
    VA – Warrenton – Faith Christian Church
    VA – Woodbridge – Harvest Life Changers Church International
    VT – Burlington – The Roman Catholic Diocese of Burlington
    WA – Liberty Lake – Bob Asbury
    WA – Seattle – ITV Productions LLC /
    WA – Tacoma – By His Word Christian Center
    WI – Beloit – Faith Builders International Ministries
    WI – Caledonia – The Daniels Group of Companies
    WI – De Pere – Grand Metro Audio Video /
    WI – Green Bay – ACME Television Licenses of Wisconsin LLC (Acme Communications)
    WI – Green Bay – VanderLeest Enterprises Inc.
    WI – LaCrosse – Diocese of La Crosse (Wisconsin)
    WI – Madison – ACME Television Licenses of Wisconsin LLC (Acme Communications)
    WI – Madison – Television Wisconsin Inc.
    WI – Mequon – Wisconsin’s Waters & Woods LLC (CGB-CC-0489)
    WI – Middleton – Crew Cut Teleproductions
    WI – Milwaukee – A. D. Burns Ministries
    WI – Milwaukee – Praise Temple Inc.
    WI – Schofield – dpi Production Company
    WI – West Allis – U S Media Concepts LLC (multiple programs)
    WV – Cross Lanes – VCG Communications (CSR 6309)
    WV – Elizabeth – Appalachian Outdoor Productions
    WV – Morgantown – West Virginia University
    WV – Wheeling – Rouse Video Productions
    The FCC weakened the closed captioning rules, and appears to have created new standards and new rules for permitting programs to be televised without closed captions. I believe the FCC violated the closed captioning rules. People who are deaf or hard of hearing want access to televised information and entertainment, just like everyone else. Closed captioning is an essential part of any televised program. Captioning is not too difficult or too expensive. I cannot watch television programs that are not captioned.


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    English Professor Responds to Jordan’s Letter

    I don’t know crap about PR, but I know what I learned some 35 years ago,
    when as a young soldier I went through something akin to this.  (OK, the
    stakes were much, much higher, but trust me, the principle is the
    same.)  I got to watch how people much smarter than I dealt with the
    press & the crisis, and here’s what I learned.  First, never lie. Ever. 
    No spin, no weasel words;  be absolutely forthright & answer fully, or
    say nothing.  Second, don’t worry about what the press says, because you
    cannot control what appears in the papers, no matter what you do. 
    Third, identify & solve problems.  If the press helps you identify them,
    solve them anyway.

    King is president for only six more weeks, but for six more weeks he’s
    the only president we’ve got.  He has to lead, he can’t sit there & feel
    sorry for himself & Fernandes. If he thinks Kimmel & DeStefano did the
    right thing, he should say nothing.  If he thinks what they did
    embarrasses the University, he should make them scapegoats, fire their
    asses, have security escort them off campus, & deplore what they did
    long & loud.  Just so, if he thinks that the English dept has screwed up
    big time, he should make me a scapegoat, fire my ass, & vow that if
    things don’t get better PDQ, the next chair will be fired, too.  (If he
    has me escorted off campus, I’d like a semester of paid leave;  it won’t
    cost anything, because I doubt we’ll have enough students in the spring
    to keep everyone busy anyway.) 

    I no longer care who leads, just so someone does.  I feel this way for
    purely selfish reasons.  Forgive me, but I don’t live in Deaf World.  I
    merely work at Gallaudet, and I try to do my little job the best I can. 
    When I walk off campus, I walk into the world of adults, where results,
    not bullshit, matter, and people are accountable for what they do.  I’m
    getting goddam tired of trying to explain to my friends why the putative
    leadershp at Gally–BoT, President, Provost, & Deans–cannot do simple

    Dave Pancost

    Commentary: This is a close friend of Dr Jordan. For many months, Dr David Pancost was a staunch supporter of Dr. Jordan except once when he objected to the new policy, Restrictions of Students’ Expressions, whereby he recognized was drafted merely to oppress the speech of the students regarding the appointment of Dr. Fernandes as the ninth president.  As an educator, he cannot in good conscience support the restrictive policy.  However, with that exception, he was loyal to Dr Jordan… until in this letter, he finally admitted that a void of leadership exists on the campus.  Composing this letter must have been excruciatingly difficult for Dr. Pancost.  elizabeth

    GALLYNET-L at gallynet.org

    reprinted with permission by listserv moderator

    email contact: mishkazena@aol.com

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